Amusing beginning to the week

Snow/Ice last night in DC. I went out to go to the airport and found this. Took out the cable/internet but that's it thankfully.

Loaded up and off to the airport. Almost there and find out my flight has been cancelled. Back home to do some chainsaw work.

Now, off to the airport again for another try.

so close


"In the wake of the terrorist bombing in Boston last week ... now is not the time to weaken transportation security," said Sara Nelson, international vice president of the Association of Flight Attendants. "Flight attendants are breathing a sigh of relief that the weapons that led to the deadliest attack on U.S. soil in our nation's history will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin this week."

I was very happy to hear that the TSA was going to allow me to start carrying a small swiss army knife in my bag again. But no, the flying cocktail servers are scared and using illogical reasoning. B/c two guys used pressure cookers to bomb a public event in Boston you can't carry a small knife. 

And, to directly address the quote - the 911 attackers used box cutters, which would have remained forbidden.
Meanwhile, a few weeks back I was waiting for a plane to be de-iced and then we felt a big BUMP.  Oops. The de-icing truck hit the wing. Few hours later they replaced the tip (that's the guy on the ladder) and off we flew.




Young guy crashed his grandmothers car into a tree in the neighborhood the other day. He dropped his phone and swerved off the road while reaching for it.

He was fine. The car, not so much. We had to go at the horn with a pair of cutters to get it to shut off.


Bad Design

Office 2013 - Just installed it. First thing I noticed.

All caps tab titles. Not good, very ugly...and I don't really need MS Office to be yelling at me.

 Overall, looks more barren. Not liking the look so far.


Here's the first trick for Office 2013:

Just go to the Customize Ribbon section of the Excel Options dialog box. Select a tab name and click Rename. Type your new name, using any mix of upper and lower case character. But… If the name is the same as the original tab name, it will revert to uppercase. 

The trick: Just add a space character to the end of the name. Here's an example. The HOME tab has been renamed Home<space>.


Found this in my crawlspace while doing the bathroom renovations. It's a chunk of cast iron pipe cut off in the first bathroom renovation (this is the 3rd I think). It weighed a ton, and of course I smashed my finger dragging it out of the crawlspace.

Go get 'em killer

The last time I removed tile from a floor I used a 3lb. drilling hammer and a cold chisel. It was, well, just a wee bit of work. This time I decided to cheat. I bought a rotary hammer after researching hammer drills and rotary hammers. With a chisel in it's maw that thing plowed through the tile and mortar bed. 

Now, I was removing the underlayment and subfloor entirely so some demo crews would not have bothered removing the tile first. I wasn't sure how to cut up and pry up the floor with the tile on top. Plus, it would have been a lot heavier. So, we removed it. 

There was an underfloor heating system. The wire from that acted like rebar and made removing the mortar bed a lot harder. But, overall, very happy with that part of the project.