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Bad Design

Office 2013 - Just installed it. First thing I noticed.

All caps tab titles. Not good, very ugly...and I don't really need MS Office to be yelling at me.

 Overall, looks more barren. Not liking the look so far.


Here's the first trick for Office 2013:

Just go to the Customize Ribbon section of the Excel Options dialog box. Select a tab name and click Rename. Type your new name, using any mix of upper and lower case character. But… If the name is the same as the original tab name, it will revert to uppercase. 

The trick: Just add a space character to the end of the name. Here's an example. The HOME tab has been renamed Home<space>.


I use my IPad to take notes ...I'm trying to get away from paper as much as possible. I have found that typing notes during meetings doesn't work for me. So I use a stylus. I have tried them all...and hadn't found any I liked until recently.

Just Mobile's's thicker than all the others and feels better. The tip is nice and doesn't stick on the surface. So far, it's the best one I have found.

Not sure about that algorithm

 I'm not really sure what to make of this.  When I logged into Amazon, as usual, I was presented with some recommendations.
I'm not really sure how buying straps to lift heavy furniture and appliances as well as a box of Mr Clean Erasers (which I bought to test and I still don't know how I feel about) leads them to think I need some Lady Gaga.
If you're an MS Office user, and who isn't, you should try Office Tabs .  This add-on brings tabs to Office.  Then, when you have multiple documents open at once they show as tabs instead of having to flip through multiple windows.  I have been using it on multiple computers for a few weeks now and I really like it.

Do it yourself, or pay the price

This is not my car.While on the road for a two week stretch I gave in and sent my shirts out for laundry.  Normally I wash them myself.  The reason I do this is, I treat my shirts better than the laundry.  Sure enough, missing buttons are my reward for letting someone else do it.


iOS4.2 brings folders to the iPad.  That is great and I can't believe they offered that on the iPhone a long time ago, but only now on the iPad.

However, they took away the Screen Lock function and turned the switch into a mute button.  I don't want that as a mute button.  I want Screen Lock.  Please Apple, give it back.


More TSA fun.

Hot and Humid

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Penn Station hot and humid. Hazelnut gelato seems like a good idea.

I am spending a lot of time now thinking about management and leadership, the latter more than the former.  I am also thinking a lot about people who continue to focus on retaining at least a perception of functional expertise when their job is no longer to provide that role, but rather to become a leader of people who's job it is to provide that techncial skill.


Microsoft Word tip of the day:

Sometimes you want to refer to other items in a document. However, as you change a document, hard coded references can become obsolete. Use the ‘Insert->Reference->Cross Reference’ functionality to accomplish this.

My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
- Walter Matthau


Couldn't do it

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I couldn't bring myself to mention the dry cleaning tag on her dress. Neither could the three other people on the elevator this morning.


Google just announced a new Operating System...Chrome OS. I have no issue with a new OS coming out. Of course user adoption is going to be a big hurdle, as well as interoperability of software. Linux in various forms has been available, for free, for a long time, but is still the domain of geeks.

For me, the big challenge I see with it is the dependence on the net. While I am online as much as I possibly can be, I am also frequently disconnected due to travel.

So, for a machine at home connceted for email and web browsing, sounds great. For a portable where I need to use it offline, we'll see.

Perhaps as a dual-boot option?

Mac with OS X, Windows and Chrome????


Patroon in NYC. Decent food, but more importantly, decent cigar patio on the top of the building.

Taltarni Shiraz 2005 - Juicy and very drinkable. Price was ridiculous.


The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.



copperhead.jpgI picked up a couple of Razer gaming mice from Woot a number of months ago and I've been using them on my home machine and on the road with my work laptop.  It really struck me this week as I was using 'normal' mice how accustomed I've become to the hyper-responsive Razer mice.  Other mice feel like lead bricks in comparison.  I need a few more....come on Woot...sell some more cheap.

I have a Pro V1.6 and a Copperhead.  I like the Copperhead better.  I has better side buttons.  I've paired the Copperhead with a SteelPad 5L mousepad.  I like it very much, thank you. 


I have an Audiovox 2125.  It's my second Audiovox smartphone.  I like the phone generally.  I has this ugly 'Klingon' hump on the top of it but it works ok.  The 1st one I got was a lemon but it broke after a few months and I got a new one from Cingular that works OK.  The vibrate feature is now a bit wonky but the sound quality is awesome.  It also has other apps on it and I like having a combined PDA, phone device.

 I also use it for pictures, most of the ones on my blog in fact.  This version of Windows Mobile 5.0 has this REALLY annoying feature of creating a new folder for each day for photos.  So, if I take a lot of photos over a number of days I have scads of folders to dig through.

So, I finally broke down and figured out how to fix that.  First, I needed a registry editor.  I chose Mobile Registry Editor.  Then I needed to edit the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Camera\Captparam\EnableDateFolder to change DWORD  from 1 to 0.

 Reboot and DONE!

Cool tool

I've got Photoshop at home and it's a great program.  But sometimes you need something a bit more plebian for everyday photo tasks (like making your crappy cellphone pictures a little less green)...Google of all people has an awesome free tool called Picassa.  They bought it from someone and they're giving it away...give it a shot.  Picasalogo.gif

Excel Tips

  • To enter the same value into each cell of an active range - select the range, type the value into the first cell and then hit Ctrl+Enter.
  • To add a tab in a cell hit "Ctrl+Alt+Tab"
  • To add a line break in a cell hit "Ctrl+Enter"
  • To paste an image of a range highlight and copy the range.  Hold down "Shift" then under the "Edit" menu you should have "Paste Picture Link".  The picture is still linked to the range so if you modify it, the picture updates! (choose "Paste Picture" if you don't want it to update).