Stuck at home this week, awaiting the arrival of Sandy. Meanwhile, last week I stayed at the Renaissance in Clevland and had the Van Sweringen suite. Curious about who Van Sweringen was I looked them up. Apparently is was a pair of railroad barons back around the turne of the last century. Talk about odd balls. They shared a bedroom in a 54 room mansion. They died penniless. LINK


A while back I switched from the modern, 26 blade, built in goo dispesner shaving system to a more classic approach. I now use a classic safety razor and a badger hair brush with shaving soap. This is my travel set. Not pictured is on of the key items, pre-shave oil. I much prefer this method and it makes the tedious chore of shaving a bit more civilized. 

I source my shaving needs from West Coast Shaving. Highly recommend.