A cool guy with cool ideas

One of the Blogs I read is written by a guy by the name of Brad Feld.  He's a VC in Boulder who I had the pleasure of meeting a few times back when I lived in Colorado.  He's a super intelligent guy who is into all sorts of things and definately marches to his own drummer.  What I find fascinating and motivating is the way he constantly experiments with how his life is arranged, always looking for a way to get more out of it.  He doesn't treat his personal life and his work as disparate elements but as part of a whole to be managed. 

treadputer_small.jpgAs an example of what he does, check out this example of how he's integrated his running and work with a custom treadmill workstation in his office.  Now, how many normal companies would ever think of allowing people to do this....we can all dream.