A good idea to rejuvinate you and drive you forward

Twice a year Bill Gates takes a week and goes to a private cabin he has for a "think week".  During this time he reads reports created by the best and the brightest at Microsoft.  These reports cover trends, future possibilities and ideas of how Microsoft can get better.

This is a great idea that more people should take undertake.  Since most people don't have staff people to write reports for them take advantage of what currently exists.  Take industry magazines, current books in your industry, thoughts from top business thinkers (try Harvard Business Review), maybe some trend stuff from someone like Faith Popcorn, and maybe throw in something like Popular Science (you never know).  Lock yourself away, read, ponder, question, and reach out to others with your thoughts and questions.

Will many people ever do this, given the pressures of daily e-mails, phone calls and other "crises of the day"?  No...but then again...Bill Gates is only the world's richest man...what could he possibly know about focusing on what is important?