Alaska Recap

So, reflecting on my Alaksa trip I was reviewing our experiences and thinking about what worked and what didn't and what I would do if I went again.

  •  Batteries - check and double check.  One of my camera batteries was bad...first time I used it was on this trip.  I forgot my extra rechargables for my little digital camera too...oops.
  • Waterproof housings/cameras are necessary when on a trip that involves lots of Kayaking.  My D70 didn't get used as much b/c I didn't have a housing or a way to safely transport it in the kayak.  Brought a cheap point-and-shoot in a small housing as a uses...FILM...I know...  But, good idea.
  • The Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero is a fantastic piece of equipment.  I've used mine for a bit before and practically lived in it on this trip.
  • Leashes for gear.  Made my own out of rope.  Worked fine for the most part but some pieces of rope were nylon and didn't hold knots well when wet.  Lost a lip gripper b/c of it...maybe something a bit better for next time Rod Leash
  • Check your gear...brought my stove but left the fuel bottle attachment safely attached to a fuel bottle back at home.
  • Rental Kayak spray skirts may not be the best.
  • Swiping pillows from the airline means you don't have to bring one from home and they're the right size.
  • Breathable waders are very good things in wet climates.
  • Smartwool t-shirts are great.  They don't stink like poly-pro ones do.