American Online - what's up?

I just got another one of those damn "FREE GAZILLION HOURS" AOL disks in the mail (remember when you used to get 5 a day?).  And then I saw this post on Boing Boing where AOL was stating that is did not comply with the Department of Justice's wide sweeping Porn hunt inquiry.  So, it caused me to wonder...what's going on with AOL anymore?  Who uses dial up any more? (according to stats, still over 20 million people).

 Wikipedia has a whole post on the collecting of those AOL disks.  People will collect all kinds of crap I guess.  I did find one interesting suggested use for a free in-shower shaving mirror.

For even more AOL fun check out this Post.  My favorite quote "AOL became aware as early as 2001 that a substantial portion of its subscribers had no idea what a computer was, much less how to use one"