Another encounter of the disappointing kind

So, I just cancelled my XM Radio subscription.  While I like the service, I travel a lot and the radio I have, a Roadie II, lives in my car...which lives at an airport most weeks.  So, I listen to my MP3 Player and find the custom Yahoo Music channels better (I love the fact I'll never hear another Dire Straights song ever!).  I called, and got put through the "Please repeat every bit of info we have on you"...then "Wait while I transfer you to some other operator who's better at the hard sell to try to get you to stay".

 AFTER I explained why I am dropping the service (I don't use the radio because it's in another state most of the week) I was offered 2 free months of service to stay.  DUH!  Why don't you offer to solve my problem, not offer me more of something I can't use.  What they should have done is offer me free/discounted hardware that would have addressed the fact that I travel, like the Delphi MyFi.  But, they didn't....and I didn't push the issue b/c I just don't love the service.  If they had, I probably would have stayed.

Too bad.  Try again.  Why do companies suck so much at customer service?  You don't want to know my thoughts on that.