I was on my typical Monday morning flight, which means 'shuttle bus to a turbo prop out on the runway'.  Today was particularly bad.  Every person had a least one large bag...which they proceeded to pile up in the front of the small bus until there was a mountain and the last few people had to struggle to climb over the bags to get to a seat.

The driver got on, quite irritated and began chucking bags in all directions and he clambered over the luggage to get to his seat.

Meanwhile, the baggage handlers have to deal with all these bags.  Instead of using a cart to haul them all, they shuttled 2 or 3 bags at a time to the hold.  That can not be as efficient or healthy as using a cart.

I checked my bag, one of only two bags checked on that flight.  It's a commuter plane and my bag won't fit inside and I'm going to a one carousel airport.   Why didn't anyone else check bags?  The fee.  I don't have to pay it because I fly a lot but most people do.

Airlines are reporting record fees from baggage.  Perhaps true.  But, there are a record number of bags being hauled along to pile up and slow down the process.  I am curious to see how this works out, although I don't hold out much hope for improvements.  I think we may have reached the pinnacle of our civilization and be well into our decline.  I hold the TSA out as a prime example of this.