Cool post on Excel I work with numbers a lot.  While I am in the IT world, I work on Finance systems.  And I've been on the finance side for much of my career.  I am constantly amazed at how much easier my life could have been if only I'd had better skills. 

Here's a post from a guy who is truly a high-level Excel wonk...makes me look like an amateur (and based on my experience I'm way above average).  He argues schools should teach high level Excel skills to Acct and Finance grads.  Absolutely!  I'd also through in Databases (Access, Oracle or SQL Server can make life so much easier for your average finance end user).

 Will it happen?  NO.  But, I think if you have a numbers job you should know:

  • Excel - a true being able to understand this guy's blog
  • VBA - boy I need a lot of work in this but there is a TON of potential here
  • Databases - not an expert - but a good intermediate level of skills in say MS Access.
  • Plus, you should learn how for format a word document properly...I can't tell you how many hours of my life have been pissed away dealing with shitty formatting problems. Link to great Word Article
Use the Microsoft MVP sites and discussion boards a lot....they're super helpful.