Couldn't do it

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I couldn't bring myself to mention the dry cleaning tag on her dress. Neither could the three other people on the elevator this morning.


Google just announced a new Operating System...Chrome OS. I have no issue with a new OS coming out. Of course user adoption is going to be a big hurdle, as well as interoperability of software. Linux in various forms has been available, for free, for a long time, but is still the domain of geeks.

For me, the big challenge I see with it is the dependence on the net. While I am online as much as I possibly can be, I am also frequently disconnected due to travel.

So, for a machine at home connceted for email and web browsing, sounds great. For a portable where I need to use it offline, we'll see.

Perhaps as a dual-boot option?

Mac with OS X, Windows and Chrome????


Patroon in NYC. Decent food, but more importantly, decent cigar patio on the top of the building.

Taltarni Shiraz 2005 - Juicy and very drinkable. Price was ridiculous.


The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.