Cross marketing failure

I bank with Charles Schwab bank.  I like it and as with most banks now they offer online bill pay.  Most of my bills get delivered electronically and show up in my bank account to be paid.  I also use a Charles Schwab branded credit card due to the great cashback program it offers.  However, a major miss in my book is the fact that, of all my credit cards, that is the only one that I can not get the bill electronically delivered to my Schwab bank account.

Yes, I understand that the credit card is actually run by another bank on behalf of Schwab.  But really, if you worked for Schwab and set up the card program, don't you think making sure it works with your company's other branded products would be an important thing?

I am contemplating looking for another card with the same rewards features and possibly switching because not getting my bill electronically is a major hassle for me.