Damned if you do, damned if you don't

images.jpgSo I was reading an old National Geographic the other day and an article on the depletion of wild Salmon stocks got me thinking.  Salmon is farmed extensively throughout the world and has led to Salmon becoming an affordable fish for everyday consumption.  However, the methods employed by Salmon farmers may be equally destructive when compared to wild harvesting Salmon.  So, what's a person supposed to do?  Eat wild fish and encourage the final decimation of the wild stock (BTW - some people think the Pacific Salmon can handle some wild harvest, while the Pacific side can not) or eat farmed fish and pollute the world?  Or, maybe we shouldn't eat at all.

Here's some information from the World Wildlife Fund on this isuse including a report on Salmon farming.

Here's an article from the Ocean Conservancy.