Over a period of several days I enjoyed two bottles of Zinfandel in a head-to-head, extended taste comparison.

The first bottle was a 2002 David Bruce Zin from Paso Robles.  I had this wine a couple of times in CA duirng a recent business trip and was very pleased with this.  Found it in upstate NY for about $17. 

The second bottle was a 2002 Ravenswood Vintner's Blend Zindfandel...about $10.  I bought this because is showed up on the WSJ wine column on inexpensive Zinfandels (but I don't think they meant the Vintner's Blend).

Well, the first impression was that the David Bruce started off very tight and astringent, the Ravenswood was OK straight out of the bottle.  After some breathing time the David Bruce developed some depth, the Ravenswood sat there looking dumb.  The next day the David Bruce was still great, with a more complex taste, the Ravenswood tasted flat.  The final day the David Bruce was still good enough I had to finish the bottle while the Ravenswood was tasting hot and "grapey" and, well, I left 1/3 of the bottle to rot.

Conclusion, I have reinforced my appreciation of the David Bruce, and I don't want to drink the Ravenswood again, but I would like to try some of their higher end Zinfandels.