File this under "WTF were they thinking!"

CrazyAssVW.gifA couple of years ago I read a lot about VW's plans to launch a luxury car named the "Phateon".  Now, as you all might recall, Volkswagen means "the People's car"...I don't know how many people go looking for a $60 - $80K sedan...some, but not many.  And may I remind you that VW owns another company...Audi...who sells....LUXURY CARS...duh! 

So, I figured this would be a bust.  Turns out that was true.  Last year VW sold 8,000 of them worldwide, vs. the 20,000 they hoped.  In the US the sales chart looks like the chart drawing monkey fell asleep and let the marker streak downwards as they passed out and collapsed to the floor.  (they sold a whopping 540 of them in this country).

 So, after the 2006 VW is going to pull that horse from the US race. Bye bye.


And BTW - their dumb ass website is so full of flash and Quicktime and other crap it won't come up in Firefox for me without changing all sorts of settings.  And then their site will barely load.  Irritating.