Game On!

So tonight I called Comcast for a couple of reasons.  I needed to get copies of a couple of bills from last year, they said no problem and they'll ship out in a few days.  Then, I made it challenging.  After using the same remote for about 6 years from them it's getting a bit tired and needs to be replaced.  At the mention of this, the comcast rep told me I could go to a comcast office and pick one up.  Now, the closest one is about 25 miles away...and I have to tell you, spending my precious free time back in DC driving to a comcast office, then standing in line for God knows how long, is just not in the cards.  So, I spent a good 10 minutes going through the logic with the Comcast guy....and finally he agreed that after being a good customer for 6 years perhaps they could go the extra mile and mail me a new remote (well, not "they" but "he" personally).  It seems ridiculous that they don't have a process for this and they inconvenience their customers for something so petty.  Of course, I asked if I reported a problem with my cable service and they dispatched a repair person, would they be able to bring me a new remote, and the answer was "yes".  So, I guess I could always force them to roll a truck and spend a couple hundred dollars to bring me a remote....

Now we'll see if this guy does what he said he will and mails me a remote.

I have to also wonder this, do customer service people get irritated when dealing with customer service people in their personal lives?