Go get 'em killer

The last time I removed tile from a floor I used a 3lb. drilling hammer and a cold chisel. It was, well, just a wee bit of work. This time I decided to cheat. I bought a rotary hammer after researching hammer drills and rotary hammers. With a chisel in it's maw that thing plowed through the tile and mortar bed. 

Now, I was removing the underlayment and subfloor entirely so some demo crews would not have bothered removing the tile first. I wasn't sure how to cut up and pry up the floor with the tile on top. Plus, it would have been a lot heavier. So, we removed it. 

There was an underfloor heating system. The wire from that acted like rebar and made removing the mortar bed a lot harder. But, overall, very happy with that part of the project.