Good service and good lord

Used a Bagster for the first time this past week.  We're renovating a bathroom and needed to throw out all the old stuff; toilet, countertop, etc.  So, I ordered a Bagster from Amazon.  Showed up a couple of days later, tossed it on the lawn and filled it up over the weekend.  Had plenty of capacity so I also cleaned out my shed and tossed some old junk I inherited from the previous owner including a rusty 20 foot flagpole, some shingles and other misc stuff. 

Scheduled a pickup on Waste Management's website and by Monday afternoon it was gone.  Very happy with that.  No dump trips, no hassles.  Just done.

Forgot to take a picture of it of course.

So, I bring you a different photo.  Found at lunch today.  I won't comment upon it except to say the front passenger window says "Get at me".