I finally won...sort of

So, I had a long and arduous fight with Comcast over a remote control.  The one I had was about 6 years old and pretty much stopped working.  I talked to Comcast a half dozen times via phone and e-mail to see if I could get them to ship me a replacement...to no avail.  They insisted that I drive almost an hour away to get a replacement.  My time means too much to me to spend that kind of time to get a new remote.

 Finally, the golden opportunity arose, I had a problem with my service...they had to roll a tech.  And, miracles of miracles, I asked if they could bring a new remote and the answer was "Yes".  So, I have a spanky new remote.  It only took me a handful of interactions and irritations to do it. 

 Doesn't really feel like a success.  Comcast really needs to address that process. 

 Oh, and if you use a coax splitter, make sure it's a modern one, older ones cut off the higher frequencies where a lot of the interesting channels are (yeah, personal experience).