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going in
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Hot and humid in NYC today. I'm already having a bad hair day.

Zibetto - awesome coffee shop at 6th and 56th in NYC.


As a former competitive swimmer the trend towards high tech swim suits bothers me.  Now the debate is whether the athlete or the equipment is making the difference.  Given the slim margin that separate first and last it is a very valid concern.  Perhaps they should pass a rule that only allows old school style suits.  Thereby negating any equipment advantage.

Besides, I haven't heard, but I'm sure this is having a trickle down effect and all sorts of mediocre swimmers are forcing their parents to acquire these expensive suits.  Actually, given my experience, it is likely the overbearing parents are feeling the pressure to buy them so their mediocre kids stand some chance of satisfying the parent's need to feel some form of success, even if vicariously through their children.

I know these suits would not have been welcome to me in my time, it would have made the sport economically nonviable for me.


They call you stubborn when you fail, but persistent when you succeed.

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