Interesting about money

Monopoly in the UK is no longer going to come with paper money.  It's going to use a debit card instead.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I think Monopoly is probably the #1 way the many kids in this country have learned about money.  By removing the paper aspect you lose that "feeling" of what money is and how it can be used.

 However, money is more and more less about being something physical (remember it used to be based upon a value of metal...and once upon a time it was a valuable metal) and more about a concept of value.  By moving to a world where economic value only exists as numbers in a computer, we're closer to the idea of "Universal Credits"...having lots of currencies in the world I think is a debatable concept any more.

 Back to the Monopoly game, the makers said "we're keeping up with the times"...for some reason it's funny.  Debit cards have been around a bit...and you should see the cheesy looking "debit card terminal"...LINK