Just a thought

It was 60 degrees here today and once the fog burned off I decided I had to take advantage of the weather.  I threw on a pair of shorts and went for a long bike ride...been too long since I did that.

 While I rode I continued listening to "Blink" by Malcom Gladwell.  I will jot down my thoughts on that book when I'm done, but I got to thinking about alternative distribution methods for books.  Over the past year I've been spending more time messing around with other ways or reading things.  While I love books, sometimes it's hard for me to haul them around .  I bought "Freakonomics" as a pdf (with DRM in it so don't ask for a copy).  I purchased "Blink" and a few other books as audio files from Audible, and I've read a few books on my phone (mostly Sci-fi but I've also tried some public domain stuff including a Bio on Ben Franklin). 

 The PDF is nice, but I have to use my computer to read it.  (Tried on the phone but the PDF readers for it can't handle the DRM).  I do like HTML based books on the phone.  Handy to read while stuck at the airport or eating dinner by myself.  I like listening to books because I can do so while I drive or workout...but it's quite a bit slower for me than reading them. 

It's always good to find ways of increasing my diet of reading though.