Lonely Cone

Lonely Cone
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I finished the book 'Sirio' about Sirio Maccioni and the restaurant Le Cirque. I have never eaten there but I have heard about it through the years. It was a restaurant at the forefront of changes in the US restaurant scene.

It has also had a reputation of being a magical experience, but only for certain customers. If you were not a regular customer, or famous, or both, you would get ignored. Many people have expressed indignity regarding this in many reviews and write ups.

However, one of the axioms of good business is to have good customers and get rid of the bad customers. There is nothing inherently wrong with giving preferential treatment to your most valuable customers. They are the ones most likely providing you with the majority of your profits, they should get preferential treatment.

What that means regarding Le Cirque is, we mere common folk may learn what life is like for the privileged few, but we will likely never experience that restaurant the way that they do.

Perhaps a better idea would be to take our business someplace where we can afford to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Then we can become someone's valuable customer and get our taste of preferential treatment.