More on the war on liquids

I flew out of the new JetBlue terminal at JFK last week.  Overall, it's nice with some decent restaurants, open and clean...for now. However, the security setup leaves something to be desired.  First there are the helpful people moving people from the short lines to the long ones.

More problematic are the spit shields that setup.  There is a clear plastic wall and you have to shove your bag through a hole in the wall.  The challenge is that the hole is where the rollers start, not the belt on the x-ray machine.  So, you have to give your bag a good shove to get it far enough in to get picked up by the belt.  No issue if you're paying attention.  However, that is a big 'if'.  I watched person after person walk through to the metal detector while their bag just stubbornly sat at the opening, refusing to be drawn into the gaping maw of the XRay machine.


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Meryl Streep