More sources

Some people didn't find my source for socks to be the most useful and wanted something else.  Here's  I need an odd size filter for my A/C system and, for a while, I was getting custom made ones.  Not any longer.


PowerPoint is the modern memo.  I'm dealing with a client now who demands PowerPoints for everything.  The 'presentations' also have to be self sufficient...meaning if I send it to someone they can read it out of context.

That's a memo.

It takes me longer to build a 10 page deck than to write a three page memo.  But, no one will read the memo.  They will read the same info in a deck.  But they really don't understand it and we have to have a meeting anyway where we go over all the information in detail.   

I don't get it.  PowerPoint is not for memos and reports.  Word is for memos and reports.