More wine stuff

So this past weekend I had a dinner party and cooked up a nice meal to share with some good friends.  We started with a bottle of 2002 Zinfadel from Milat.  The wine was good, perhaps a bit young, fruity, and "energetic" tasting.  I really had a nice time at that vineyard in Napa Valley...and so did the WSJ wine columists...they listed it a great place to visit.



 Then we had a bottle of Ferrari-Carano 2001 Cabernet.  Earthy in comparison to the Zinfadel.  Very good and perhaps a better match with the meal.

Oh, and before we had dinner everyone helped me finish off a bottle of 2003 Worthy Sophia's Cuvee. Even though the bottle had been open for two days and mistreated, it was still was very good when I first opened it.

$23 for the Milat, $35 for the Ferrari-Carano and $35 for the Worthy.