So I'm busy jamming tunes in my ear as fast as I can, gives me something to do while on the road.

I got excited a while back when Napster launched it's music by subscription model but at $15  a month I held off.  Then, a couple of weeks ago Yahoo announced a Beta of their version for all of $5 a month (pre-paid for a year).  So, for $5 a month I can download and listen to all the music I want (~1 million songs they claim, I haven't counted).  So, I signed up...I'm using my Audivox phone as my mobile MP3 player.  Well, I think it rocks.  I've been able to build a large catalog of past favorites, new stuff and recommendations from the service.  The software is still a bit flaky but it's worth a shot.  Yahoo Music

Then, for another alternative I've spent a bit of time digging through GarageBand.comI've found some cool stuff.  Here's one of my current favorites.  ASCIAN - Voices from the Ether.