Nothing like getting there eventually

Finally US Air got off their rear ends and fixed an annoying thing.  The TSA now mandates that the airlines ask you a series of inane questions about your birthday, gender, etc.  Other airlines immediately figured out that once they ask you these questions, you are unlikely to change any of them so they stored the answers in your account and populated the forms for you.

Not US Air.  So, every week for months now, I have been typing in the same information.  Over and over.  I have been tempted to change the answers to see what would happen...but, I just don't need the hassle.

Finally US Air figured out what others did a long time ago and will store the answers to those questions for me.  Good job.

Now stop asking me each week if I want travel insurance and a daily membership to the US Air club.


T.P.S. - management...LOL.  Let's see how many people get that reference.