Oh Hail

Saw my first decent hail storm in a long time while in Colorado.  Suckers hurt.


Was reading about poverty in India.  Currently 27.5% of people in India qualify as poor, however, this is an artificially low number.  The measurements are based on how many government support cards are issued.  The number of cards available is mandated and the issuance of them varies from area to area within the country.  However, estimates put the number as high at 77%.

77% of people in poverty, and there is an argument that a morale responsibility exists for the government to support those people.  That really means, there is a morale responsibility for 23% of the population to support the other 77%.  I am afraid I can not support that idea.  Can you imagine your work having to support 3.4 other people outside of yourself.  These are not family, or even friends...these are random people who live off your efforts.

I fear we are moving more in that direction in the US as well.  All of the wonderful governmental programs we are implementing.  Who will pay for them?  How much is enough.  And, if you choose not to work, do I really have an obligation to support you?