OK, I don't get it

I tried to read The World is Flat" target="new">The World is Flat by Thomsa Friedman. It seems he believes that the internet and other modern innovations are making the world "Flat"...that is, easier to conduct business anywhere, anytime, by anybody.

Well, unless I have been asleep for the past 15 years or so all I can say to that premise is...DUH! I really don't understand the hype about this book. That call centers operate overseas, and white collar jobs are being exported is no great insight for me. Perhaps if you haven't been reading any publications (WSJ, Time/Newsweek, Economist, Forbes, Business Week, even decent local newspapers) or watching TV or listening to NPR than this will be a useful book to read.

I hate quitting books, but I couldn't find a reason to slog through the 2nd half of this book.

Bottom line, get the executive summary of this book.