OK...think I found a solution

And you didn't even know I had a problem.  So, I'm becoming more interested in wine and I want to keep track of what I have and what I've consumed (the latter is still a much larger category).  So, I thought about creating a database, easy enough to do but I use so many damn computers all the time, where do I keep.  OK, so, web based.  Well, there don't seem to be any cheap soloutions like Quickbase (from Intuit) used to be (BTW - I do love that product for some things).  So, I started thinking about creating an Access database, or MySQL or something and hosting online with somoene...but what pain.

Seems there's a guy who's way ahead of me...he created cellartracker.com .  It's online, allows me to see my inventory as well as tasting notes and let's me see other people's tasting notes.  So, I'll try that for a bit.  More reports to come.