Onward and Upward

Finally caught some fish this weekend.  A dozen bass in under and hour...shook the skunk for the year finally.

1,000 confirmed cases of Swine Flu worldwide now...5500 DIE each day from AIDs.  100 people die each day in the US from 'regular' flu.  I don't know what to say other than....baaaaa....people are sheep.

It does up an important point though...frequent hand washing is a great way to prevent the spread of disease. 

If you really want to be convinced that shaking hands is a pretty gross thing, use the men's restroom at your average airport and see just how many business people looking types actually do (or don't).  Esp. funny was the guy who was doing a sales call while 'doing' his business, then walked out without washing up...

next time someone offers to shake your hand...don't.

Meanwhile, sign found near a freight elevator in a name brand US company facility.  The box contains an emergency door unlocking device.