Poke the monkey in the eye

I have a soft spot for bureaucracy, especially that of the TSA. Few things get my blood boiling more than stewing in an airport security line witnessing the billions of dollars being wasted directly, and indirectly, by the "War on Moisture".

Then there are the onboard electronics restrictions. Steven Levitt, author of "Freakanomics" has a great post on his blog today very succinctly expressing views I also hold. Link

He also goes on to admit his guilt in violating those ever so important rules. That got me wondering, what if the Gov't decides to start crawling the internet and collecting information like that? Could Mr. Levitt eventually end up on a TSA black list, prohibited from flying, or always subject to "additional screening"?

We live in a free country, with a great many rights, but it always seems in times of hysteria, those rights get trampled a bit. (McCarthyism anyone?)

Side note:
I have always thought the color-coded "Terror Alert Level" to be a bit on the ridiculous side. I remembered seeing this a while back. I think it really "humanizes" the alert level.

Terror Alert Level