Polycom - too cool for the real world

I love Polycom speakerphones.   I spend a lot of time on conference calls with clients all over the place and I am baffled by the decisions companies make to keep crappy speakerphones in their conference rooms.  If you have a conference room filled with people participating in a conference call for a few hours, you've just spent thousands of dollars on salaries and benefits.  If the meeting took longer because people couldn't understand what was being said on the other end of the conference call (or people set up additional meetings with each other to talk about items too difficult to understand) than the deicsion to save $100 on the conference call may end up costing tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.
So, back to Polycom, they make great speakerphones that work.  However, I've noticed several times that their distinctive design (which is WAY cool) has a fundamental flaw....where do you write down the number of the speakerphone.  There is no little piece of paper you can type or write the conference number on.  I've seen people use file folder labels, paint markers, and post-it notes to label their phones.  Kind of ruins the whole look of the phone.  Someone should fix that.