puppy in the window

puppy in the window
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Ford is re-releasing the Taurus brand. However, Ford is positioning it as an upscale sport sedan. The Taurus was the best selling car in the country. Now they're going for a more restrictive market position. Not sure how well that will work. Given the choice of an Infinity, Acura or BMW, who would choose a Ford?


Ate dinner at Aquavit again.  First time in the 'cafe' section.  Not as comfortable as the bar area.  Actually, felt like an upscale 1960's/1970's cafeteria.  My friend Paul was with me and he'd been to the original location.  His comment was they he felt the owner is not giving the place his all...that likely the owner had moved on and was working on something else and the place lacked what used to make it special.

Propositioned last night on the way back from dinner on Park Aveneue in front of the Mercedes dealership.


You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.

- Cecil Baxter