I've been at this a while now.  Over 500 'Thoughts of the Day'.  I started doing this when I started travelling.  Initially it was a way to stay in touch with some coworkers.  Now, it's a whole bunch of people.


I was thinking about investments today.  Specifically about how to select companies to invest in.  Warren Buffet has talked about how he invests in management teams, not companies.  However, as an individual investor we do not have access to the information to make such choices.  Instead, all we have to go on are some published financial reports that, in a best case, roughly approximate how the company has done financially.

What I would like to see is some insight into the people running a company.  What is their leadership style?  Why did they get into the business?  Do they respect shareholders, or view them as funding their lives of luxury?  How happy are their employees?

Some measurement of those dimensions may be possible, but I doubt any company will do so. 

Companies are trying to report on aspects of themselves outside of the financial realm...sustainability, environmental impact, diversity.  Potentially all interesting, and potentially a way of gauging the management team.  But, I am unaware of any company really trying to tell the world 'this is who we are'.  So, we are left stabbing in the dark.


Mountain goats aren't actually goats.  They are antelopes.