RIP old phone - in with the new

My Audiovox 5600 took off for the wild blue yonder someplace in CA...sad to see it go...I really liked that phone.  Went to Cingular to buy the same such luck.  They have a newer model, the Audiovox 2125.  Well, the screen is nicer, some people have reported the reception is better.  BUT, it has the worst power button known to man and the disgusting hump on it's head makes me think this thing was designed by Klingons.  AND to make it worse, I'm having all sorts of software issues with it.  The Sync software doesn't play nicely with ZoneAlarm, and I can't choose to sync just a few of my contacts (I don't want all 2,000 contacts in my Outlook in my phone).  The list appears Yahoo's music service won't work with it.  And, my favorite utility software, eWallet, doesn't appear to work with it either.  I'm kind of pissed off about the whole thing.2125.JPG

To add insult to injury, my hair stylist no longer works where he did and I don't have a number for him.