Settling down after the ice cream truck venture failed

Wonderful Detroit sandwich least I assume it is.  I sat in their parking lot discussing the differences between weather related problems and mechanical problems with US Air last week.  The name made me laugh at least.


Not much progress in the shop this weekend.  Helping out with a Pinewood Derby car and staying up too late on Saturday impacted my productivity.  I tried tuning a new chisel and mostly made a mess.  So, hopefully I can get that fixed up next weekend. 


While I was getting my shoes shined this morning (a Monday morning treat) I watched 9 people approach the ATM next to the shoeshine stand.  The ATM was out of order and turned off.  There was no sign announcing it was out of order.  7 of the 9 people punched buttons on it to see if it was sleeping or something.  All seemed amazed that is was

There is no other ATM after security in Terminal C at DCA.  That's bad b/c who wants to go back through security?