I have an Audiovox 2125.  It's my second Audiovox smartphone.  I like the phone generally.  I has this ugly 'Klingon' hump on the top of it but it works ok.  The 1st one I got was a lemon but it broke after a few months and I got a new one from Cingular that works OK.  The vibrate feature is now a bit wonky but the sound quality is awesome.  It also has other apps on it and I like having a combined PDA, phone device.

 I also use it for pictures, most of the ones on my blog in fact.  This version of Windows Mobile 5.0 has this REALLY annoying feature of creating a new folder for each day for photos.  So, if I take a lot of photos over a number of days I have scads of folders to dig through.

So, I finally broke down and figured out how to fix that.  First, I needed a registry editor.  I chose Mobile Registry Editor.  Then I needed to edit the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Camera\Captparam\EnableDateFolder to change DWORD  from 1 to 0.

 Reboot and DONE!