so close


"In the wake of the terrorist bombing in Boston last week ... now is not the time to weaken transportation security," said Sara Nelson, international vice president of the Association of Flight Attendants. "Flight attendants are breathing a sigh of relief that the weapons that led to the deadliest attack on U.S. soil in our nation's history will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin this week."

I was very happy to hear that the TSA was going to allow me to start carrying a small swiss army knife in my bag again. But no, the flying cocktail servers are scared and using illogical reasoning. B/c two guys used pressure cookers to bomb a public event in Boston you can't carry a small knife. 

And, to directly address the quote - the 911 attackers used box cutters, which would have remained forbidden.
Meanwhile, a few weeks back I was waiting for a plane to be de-iced and then we felt a big BUMP.  Oops. The de-icing truck hit the wing. Few hours later they replaced the tip (that's the guy on the ladder) and off we flew.