SprintPCS misses the boat

I've been a customer of SprintPCS for many years now with two phones and sometimes hefty charges.  The last time I upgraded phones I had to threaten to quit in order to get any sort of deal on a new phone. 

Now, SprintPCS is advertising a great new idea....treat your existing customers as well as your new customers.  Well, duh!  Actually, it should be "Treat them better" since you've already paid the acquision cost.  (about $300 per person now in the cell industry I think I read recently).

Anyhow, Sprint is advertising $150 off for exisitng customers.  Except, it's a rebate, and you have to sign a 2 year agreement.  After you lay out your bucks for a new phone you have to keep the service active 30 days (60 if you're using their data service) then you have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the rebate to be processed.  So...that's up to 4 months?!?!?!  How's that a great deal?  Especially if you walk into their store as a new customer and get all the discounts immediately.

So, I called and asked to be connected to the people who try to convince you not to terminate your service...they usually have the best deals to offer.  Nope, nothin' doing I was told.  It's the public offer or nothing.

So, AT&T has some cool phones, I can get a work discount and they'll give me immediate discounts...