Starbucks risking a lot

logo_thumbnail.gifIn order to keep growing Starbucks in putting stores everywhere.  I was in a Target the other day and there was a full-blown store inside.  However, I have to wonder how long this will last.  I have long admired Starbucks and their marketing.  Part of their appeal to me has been their people who could make a decent they're not the best and a halfway decent Italian restaurant probably has much better cappucino, but, Starbucks people usually seemed to care about their jobs and tried to provide good service.

The biggest issue I see are the stores that Starbucks does not operate.  In particular the ones in Safeways would scare me to death if I was a Starbucks executive.  Instead of hiring "Barristas" those stores are staffed by the same people Safeway hires...while there may be some good ones there are also many that appear to be high-school dropouts looking for ways to waste their day.

If people are going to spend $5 for a coffee, we have the right to expect the order to be correct, prepared properly, and presented by someone who cares about their job.  I think Starbucks is over-extending itself, it's quality is suffering, and it will get punished in the end.

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