Tank Service

I have an Oceanic aquarium that I've had set up as a reef for several years now.  I recently broke 1/2 of on the glass tops for it.  The last time I needed parts I contacted several retailers and no one carried this part.  I contacted Oceanic, and I was put in touch with someone from their warehouse who shipped me the part...gratis even.

 This time, I contacted several of my favorite retailers, and again, they didn't have the part.  They could order it, but only for in-store pickup.  Since the nearest one is 5 hours away that wasn't really an option.  So, I contacted Oceanic.  This time, I got a pretty brusque response telling me to seek help from a local store. 

 I bit miffed, I eventually found a store that could order the part for me.  The overall experience was not the best and tarnished a bit of the high regard I have for Oceanic.