Thanksgiving Aftermath

Wow.  Drank a fair amount of wine over Thanksgiving....and had a good time doing it.  Found a great liquor store in Grand Rapids, MI with a guy who really seems to know his wine and has a great selection.  If you find yourself in the neighborhood go see Rishi at International Beverage Selections.  He also has 200 different single malts...thank goodness I don't live in the area.

  • Hosmer 2004 Dry Reisling from NY - $15 - pretty darn good...not too overly sweet
  • Rodney Strong 2003 Chardonnay - Sonoma - $14 - good...not overly oaked...but I'm not such a fan of was just OK
  • Estancia 2002 Meritage $25 (sale price - normally $34) - Really tight until it had about an hour to breath...still have a bottle....looking forward to it
  • Chateau Bianca 2002 Pinot Noir - Oregon - $16 - GREAT.  This one was damn good.
  • Franz Rae icewine - Germany - yum...sweet and cold...great.  $24
  •  Cloudline 2004 Pinot Noir - Not worth buying...nothing happening $15 other people like it though.

I also asked Rishi for a recommendation for an "everyday" wine - he pointed me to the Castle Rock line.  They don't own vineyards, don't employ their own winemakers, don't own bottling plants, etc.  Kind of a virtual winemaker.  I had their Zinfandel for about $ was very good.  Rishi said all of their varietals are good.  Guess I'll have to look for them and do some more "research".

I have a few more bottles in my luggage (ok, half a case) and I'll post more once I kill them.