The Chrome Wears Off

ymsI subscribed to the Yahoo Music Service as soon as it came available.  I think paying a low subscription fee for access to a ton of music is a great thing.  Now, after using the service for quite some time I think it's starting to lose some of it's sparkle.

 The software has been upgraded a few times and the service has gone General Release (I got in while it was still in Beta) and I can't say that I think the software has gotten better.  Perhaps even worse.  It just feels clunkier and harder to use.  It's less responsive now too.  I love the Radio function and dig the customizable stations.  However, for some reason, I have been struggling with those stations mightily for the past couple of weeks.  And it appears they are going to cap my consumption of them unless I upgrade my subscription.  I've tried clicking through several times to find out more about what the upgraded subscription costs, what I get, etc.  But, each time I click their "find out more" button, I don't get anything.

 They are also slow as crap to increase the number of devices the service supports.  When I first got my Audiovox 5600 it's compatibility with the service helped drive me to that phone.  When I lost it and got a replacement, the next gen Audivox, I was extremely disappointed that the service did not, and still does not, support it.  The rest of the list of devices hasn't changed either.  Not good.

 I have never been a big Yahoo user, but this was a cool thing they've done and I'm still excited about it.  But, if they don't make it cool and keep it working, I think they're leaving a wide open hole for someone (Google?  perhaps Napster will get a clue and lower it's price).