Thought of the Day - A bit crass

75802-824781-thumbnail.jpgPlayed golf with a nice guy this past weekend, he joined our threesome.  Recently joined my golf club....seemed kinda quiet until well into the round.  Then he opened up.

He's a pretty good golfer (much better than I am).  He had a rough hole though and was sitting double bogey already with a long putt for a triple.  He hit it well and it looked like it might go in.  Instead of being happy he called out "Don't go in!".

Thankfully, I guess, it didn't.

Then he proceeded to tell us a story of how a caddy in Scotland told him that a spectacular putt to finish an awful hole could be considered 'putting whipped cream on dog shit'.

He told us another saying that caddy shared with him but I can't repeat it in polite company...