Thought of the Day - a bit late today

75802-972519-thumbnail.jpgLast night I went out to dinner to a Brazilian Churrascaria.  My first time.  Pretty fun experience.  All you can eat meat...doesn't take long to eat too much.  I kept having to watch my red light/green light card carefully because there was one guy...he was just waiting to pounce once I flipped it to green...and I didn't want what he had to offer.  If you haven't been, you should give it a try.

Had a bottle of 2004 Chateau St. Michelle Cold Creek Cab.  I continue to have faith that any wine from them is a safe bet when dining out.  (BTW - the restaurant had ridiculous pricing on their wine...that's what stopped me from getting something truly outrageous).

Last weekend took the boat to the bay behind Assateague Island.  That was fun.  Super shallow though.  Didn't catch much in the way of fish.  A few small black bass, a couple of croakers, and that was about it.  Did get to test some repairs on the boat...much better now.

The photo is from an 'island' in the bay.  It's several square miles of water no more than 3' deep.