Thought of the Day - A good bar in California

Actually, it was a pretty cool restaurant with a cool bar in it.  Kind of Asian fusion (with cheesy Kung-Fu movies playing on the walls).  Killed a bottle of decent wine (2002 Zinfandel "The Reverend" from Roashambo winery) there with a couple of friends from work.  The story of the evening was the guy in his mid-50's...looked kind of affluent...tall...and passed out in a bar stool.  A younger guy (early 40's maybe) was holding his head up.  That went on for a bit until a taxi arrived.  Took 4 people to haul him out.  5 minutes later the fire truck rolled up looking for the drunk.  Nice.

Oh, and it was Wed. night.  (the place is Sino on Santana Row in case you can't read the sign).