Thought of the Day - About Time

75802-858301-thumbnail.jpgSo, about a year after I should have done so, I'm finally trying to get rid of my trusty old steed.  The 2nd car I ever bought was a 1995 Saab 9000.  It had 24k miles on it when I bought it.  It has 167k miles on it now.  Runs fine, needs a set of tires.

For the longest time I was having trouble with the car.  I would come home from being on the road all week and it wouldn't start.  I thought it was the battery and replaced it.  Same problem.  I'd charge the battery and a day later, it wouldn't start.  Being the mechanical genius I am it took a while (OK, months) to determine that there is a small light in the trunk that you manually turn on.  If you don't turn it off, it drains the battery.

Hmmmm...turn it off....'battery problem' solved.

Now you know why I don't repair cars...I just help Fortune 500 companies with their financial management.  Heavens knows if I repaired cars I might actually do some damage....

I don't think today's photo really has anything to do with all of that...but it made me chuckle last night.