Thought of the Day - Australian Coffee

75802-384460-thumbnail.jpgCoffee is a very important part of life here.  Which I can not say makes me sad.

Interestingly, drip coffee is almost non-existent (at least as far as I've found).  However, espresso machines are everywhere.  I still have not mastered ordering coffee here.  They use some different terms:

- Short black (espresso)
- Long black (espresso + hot water = Americano)
- Cappucino (as per our definition, just made better) declasse a bit I've been told
- latte - (as per our definition, just made better)
- Machiatto (made correctly!  espresso "marked" with milk)
- large machiatto (espresso + hot water "marked" with milk)
- flat white (espresso with hot milk)

The photo is a coffee machine in a company's offices.  NICE.